Races and Cultures

Race and Culture

The ‘Races’ or ‘Species’ of Imber Sidus are removed from the culture. Of course some cultures are comprised almost entirely of people from a particular race, but this is not always the case and there are always surprises.


Race should more accurately be described as species and therefore only really describes the biology of an individual, and not any cultural leanings.
For example, take two halflings, both are short and nimble, an inherent trait of being a halfling. A Hibernling might have a bonus whilst fighting snake-like foes – representing the special training common to Hibernling culture, whilst an Æscan Halfling would not, as the snake fighting techniques are a cultural not ‘racial’ difference.

Playable Races

  • Humans
  • Halflings
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Olvid – Work in progress name

Monstrous Races

This list is under construction:

  • Goblinoids
  • Orcs
  • Skerrows
  • Giants


To an extent, culture is more important than race, for whilst your characters race determines their physical attributes, their culture informs their background, the languages they speak and the way they see the world.

Note: Sharing a culture does not necessarily mean two characters come from the same kingdom or area: there are many Æscan kingdoms and even the unified land of Baratir still has dukedoms.

Playable Cultures of Imber Sidus

At a glance the following cultures still exist within Imber Sidus. More information is available on the relevant pages.

  • Æscan – Anglo-Saxon-esque culture, predominantly Human with Hallflings making up the next largest demographic, followed by Demi-Orcs, Dwarves and very few Elves.
  • Narod/Freoc – Almost entirely Elven, and very few elves are found outside of this culture, they call themselves the ‘Narod’, whilst others would call them ‘Freoc’. Loosely Pictish/Slavic inspired.
  • Baratirish – Almost entirely Dwarven as Baratir is the Dwarven Kingdom guarded by the Dawnwall. Picture a mixture of early Welsh/Britons mixed with the Eastern Roman Empire.
  • Cholltan – An individual is from Choltan, or Choltir lands if they have spent much of their life in a Dwarven hold, surrounded by an other culture. Therefore most Choltans are Dwarves but there is room for a mixture of other races.
  • Ymltirish or Westlander – Ymiltir is the name the Dwarves give to the westernlands. Westerladers are a mixture of people and culture.
  • Elding – Scandinavian inspired culture, predominantly Demi-Orcs and Humans, with a lower population of Halflings, Dwarves and Elves.
  • Hibernling – Vaguely Irish inspired culture, mostly Halflings, with some Demi-Orcs and Humans.

Races and Cultures

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